Friday, April 22, 2011

What's Up Peeps!

It's Easter weekend and I remember as a child, hoping the Easter Bunny would put a package of those sugary, chewy, yellow morsels of candy goodness in my basket. I don't "think" I really liked them or had them at the top of my candy list but having Easter Peeps in your basket made it extra special. That, and of course, a chocolate Easter Bunny. How many of you ate the ears first? LOL!

I do hope each of you will remember the true meaning of this weekend. The day that all of our sins were paid for - the greatest gift we could ever receive.

Unfortunately, I do not have any stitching updates for the week. This week has been extremely busy at work and my goal each evening was to eat, take a bubble bath and visit dream land at a decent hour. I am happy to report, I succeeded that goal almost every night. My plans for the weekend are to do some makeup stitching and the project for the weekend is........get ready for it...........Paradise Lost! Yes, I am bringing it back on the Q-Snap. Hopefully, I will have a great picture to share next week.

Until then, I wanted to share a picture of a pattern that I got in the mail this week. It is called "Soar" by With Thy Needle & Thread. This sampler was "inspired by a family of eagles living in Iowa that captured the hearts of America". You can read all about the eagles, see web cams capturing the hatching of the little eaglets, etc by visiting Brenda Gervais' blog. This pattern is available only for a limited time - until the eaglets leave the nest - and portions of the proceeds benefit the Raptor Resource Project. I am hoping to stitch this up soon but seems like the Weeks Dye Works linen in Onyx is on backorder. Which means, I may have to do a little experimenting...thinking about dyeing my own fabric!!! Why not? It may work and it may not but it doesn't hurt to try. I'll keep you posted if I decide to. It's Easter weekend.....we're suppose to "dye" stuff - right?

Until we chat again, have a great weekend. Spend time with the ones you love and thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and Stitches!!


Beth said...

Yes! I remember hoping for Peeps - yellow and pink. I saw recently where some folks are making s'mores with them. That could be good.... I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, and get lots of stitching done.

Soar looks really cool, and what a way to support the eagles!

Siobhan said...

I'm one of the weird ones--I never did like Peeps! I know, I'm weird. Give me a malted milk ball or Reeses egg any day.

I have enjoyed watching the eagles--love that Soar design!

Nan said...

You should SO try to dye your own fabric. Go for it! I've always wanted to try dying my fabric so you can be my guinea pig and let me know how it goes....LOL!
Happy Easter!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Peeps were never one of my favs, but those choc bunny ears ARE to die for; right? Now how about this? AFTER Easter, buy some of the left over dye kits, and use THAT dye to do your fabbies if you want some colorful ones (or kool aid).

Good luck - and Happy Easter!

Karen said...

YUMMY PEEPS!!! i love peeps! when we were kids we lived in the same house with our grandparents for a few years and our chocolate bunnies alway had the ears already chopped off by the time we gt them and all the black jelly beans were found out of our baskets, Grandma was the culprit. THen not too long ago i found just the ears packaged and made her a basket of a bunch of chocolate ears and black jelly beans, i think she laughed so hard she almost peed her pants. LOL bt ate every last bit of it. Thanks for the great memory of my Gram. :)

Anonymous said...

As kids, my sister and I would cut small slits in the tops of the Peep packaging. This slit cause the peeps to go stale after a day or two. We loved, and still love, the taste of stale peeps.