Thursday, March 5, 2009

Frippin' Fun 2009

I am alive and finally able to see daylight from up under this pile of paperwork. The place? My Job! You see, I was out of the office three days last week and the other two days are a blur. I had the head cold cooties! You know, the kind that makes you want to curl up and forget the world exists. And, they couldn't have come at a worst time because this was the weekend of my trip to Fripp Island with all my stitch buddies. Thank goodness for cold medicine because I went and had a blast. Here's some of the highlights.......

This is the house where we stayed. It is huge and wonderful! Lots of stitching room, bathrooms - very important when you have 8-10 ladies living together, large open kitchen and close enough to hear the ocean waves.

The weather was beautiful so it was only fitting to get out and walk on the beach Saturday morning.

Some of the ladies, later that day, found sand dollars. Something I have never been able to find. So, next year, I need a lesson.

Fripp Island is located right off of the coast of Beaufort, SC. Before crossing over to the island, the coastal area has lots of marsh lands. These areas are swampy but home to crabs, mussels and an occassional, heron.

And, the rarest creature of all - a Karen!

My bestest buddies - Lorrie and Karen - along with me!

One of my most EXCITING highlights of the weekend was not only seeing lots of beautiful deer, but I actually got to feed one! Now, this is pretty amazing in its own right but you see, I called the deer and he came right up to me. My house cat won't even come when called! I never knew I could speak deer! Maybe I was Snow White in my former life! LOL!

"I'm Still Hungry!"

"Meet My Friends"

Now, this trip does actually involve some stitching. The sitting area is all off by itself so round-the-clock stitching is not out of the question.

Here's Theresa and a new-comer, Zee

Kathy - the hostess with the mostest! She's our vacation and game coordinator. Beading extraordinaire. Rib cooker and quick stitcher.

Mom and Karen. Mom belongs to Kathy and makes sure all of the "children" stay within the law. Karen is my jiggle buddy!

This is proof that stitching can actually wear you out! I have always said, Lorrie and I were separated at birth. She's as country as a butter bean with a heart of gold. I guess you could say she's the "good child".

And last but not least is Ann (aka Home Skillet), straight from Tennessee

Unfortunately, we were missing two friends this year from Florida. Best wishes and hope to see them in 2010.
It was a great trip and can't wait to do it all again!