Monday, September 21, 2009

Hanging with the Deltas

Prairie Schooler's Christmas Eve - In Progress
32 ct. Sage Jobelan

I had a FABULOUS weekend hanging out with my Delta sisters - LOL! Five of us took a road trip to the North Georgia Mountains to meet up with a friend we haven't seen since February. It was a fun, relaxing weekend just hanging out and stitching away. I don't think I have ever gotten so much stitching done in a weekend, especially while laughing my head off!

Thanks Kathy, Theresa, Lorrie, Karin and Ann for giving me a great weekend away! Love you guys!

Monday, September 14, 2009

White Water Rafting Weekend!

Edited to add: Additional photos can be seen at . Sorry, they are not that great. My disposable camera took a beating and dunking in my fanny pack!

Corbin and I had a wonderful time white water rafting down the Chattooga this past Saturday. We went with our church's youth group and it was so exciting. This is the 2nd time I have been and it was a bit harder this time because the water level was so low due to the lack of rain. We really had to work to get around rocks and to get unstuck sometimes.
I will try to get some photos posted later this week that I took with my disposable camera. Hopefully, they will turn out ok since my camera did get a little wet.
In the mean time, you can view our professional photos online:
Click on Chattooga River
Under Recent Photos - Click on 9-12-09 10.15
Then Click Continue
Click on Page 2
My photos start with the 4th photo on the top row (Photos 29-38). Looking at the photo, I am on the right on the back row.
Corbin's photos start with the next series (Photos 39-53). Looking at the photo, he's on the left on the back row (red shorts). As you will be able to see, his raft did not survive the drop!
Photo 79 is our group.
And don't forget to check out photos 94 and 103. This is where Corbin and I jumped off one of those big rocks into the roaring water where we just dropped off in our rafts.
If you have never done this, it is a blast!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PS Santa Update

Here's a little update on my PS Santa progress. I was able to get a "couple" of stitches in it this past Saturday while visiting my good buddy, Kathy. (Thank you Kathy for a wonderful time!). I do have to say, I don't really care for stitching on evenweave. I actually find it harder to stitch on than linen, weird, huh? But, finding a linen the same color as Sage Jobelan would be a challenge. So, I'll continue on and get it finished before the clock strikes midnight Christmas Eve!

Sorry about the "wonky" linen photo. I think you can click on the photo to get a much better view.