Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Dance!

Have you ever had one of "those weeks" where you wanted to crawl into a cave and disappear? Well, I've had two of them and enough is enough!! I am so ready for the Labor Day holiday on Monday. I don't plan on doing any laboring, what so ever!

Since these weeks have caused me a bit of suffering, the only way to keep from wrapping my hands around necks was to take a needle and stab some fabric - LOL. As a result, I finished my M Design's "S". This really did finish quick and now I just have to be on the look out for a Joann's coupon so I can get it framed.

I also had the chance to finish an ornament I started earlier this year. It is a portion from the Country Cottage Needleworks pattern Snowflake Serenade. I thought it would make a really cute ornament and I liked stitching it on the sparkly linen.

Of course, when you finish a project (or two!!) you have to start something new. Normally, this time of year, I would grab a Halloween or fall project but I went straight to Christmas. That is VERY odd for me! But, I got the Lizzie Kate Santa Claus Is Coming To Town pattern in the mail last week and I've been itching to get it started. I plan to only stitch the Santa part and again, finish him into an ornament. I found a piece of "mystery" linen in my stash that is a lovely gold color and I think it's perfect! Hoping to get him started this afternoon.

Well, that's about it.....Until we chat again - Be Safe and Have Fun!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prayers and Best Wishes for Linda

Just a little post to ask for prayers and best wishes for my friend, Linda. She is one of the cross stitch pals and just a sweet (and VERY funny) lady. She fell and broke her hip, had surgery and is currently doing physical therapy. I haven't seen her in quite a while and she's been on my mind lately. I wanted to share a picture that we took last October while attending the Pals Convention in Myrtle Beach (there's Karen and Faye in the background!!).

So Linda, if you are reading this, keep up the good work and get well soon! I'm ready to play that "pass the box" game again real soon - whoo hoo!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Help

Saturday, Chris and I treated ourselves to the movies and saw "The Help". I had heard rave reviews on the book, even though I never read it. I don't know about the book but the movie was great! I laughed (and cried) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Chris enjoyed the movie too but did comment that there was not nearly enough testosterone in the room! LOL! If you get a chance, go see it! I promise, you will never look at chocolate pie the same way again - LOL!

To my cross stitch friends, I have some sad news.....I won't be attending the Pals Convention this year. Our son is a senior in high school this year and has announced his desire to attend the University of Alabama/Birmingham instead of our home town university. After reviewing the course study (Forensic Chemistry), it is the right choice. So, that means I'll be writing a lot more checks than originally anticipated. It was a hard decision to make but one that I had to do. I know you, that are attending, will have a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back so make sure you update your blogs quickly!

Until next time......

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life's a Beach....

....and I'm playing in the sand!

I am back from 3 fun-filled days in Myrtle Beach playing in the sand, catching waves in the ocean and relaxing in the pool. Ahhhh....such joy and bliss! The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm but not hot. Overcast at times. Water cool but not freezing. I wouldn't change a thing!

One of the highlights of the trip was the ocean, itself. The water was perfect. Very clear and not a lot of shells which makes walking in the water much easier. We had a blast playing in the water and riding the waves on our boogie boards. The currents were a little strong so of course, I got wiped-out a couple of times. One time in particular, had me laughing so hard, I couldn't get up which means I got slammed a couple more times by the crashing waves. All I could hear was Corbin saying, "Oh My God! Mommy get up!" as he was laughing but trying to "save" me too.

We enjoyed fried shrimp baskets from the Tiki Hut on the beach. We tossed around a football. Corbin chilled with his Ipod. Like I said, just a perfect getaway.

This was a vacation that was centered around the beach. So, no plans to be anywhere at any time. We did get interrupted one day with a little pop up storm. But, it came late in the day so we didn't get to miss any "action". Storms at the beach are so fascinating to me. I love to watch the clouds roll in and see how the surf becomes more forceful.

Of course, like any vacation, it ends all too quickly. I'm ready to go back! This was a great way to wrap-up summer......

Good Bye Beach - See You Soon!!!