Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Ornie for the Tree

Here's another ornament cross stitch project and finish. This ornie was way out of my comfort zone. If you know me, you know I do NOT like to stitch over one. Just don't like it and just don't enjoy it.....but.....this ornament from Blackbird Designs was a joy to stitch! I think it was the fabric and it was just a scrap from my stash. I believe it's 28ct. lugana. Very soft and the evenweave took on the appearance of linen.

Finishing was a little out of my comfort zone too. Finishing techniques that involve the sewing machine make me a bit nervous but after seeing some of the great finishes other stitchers have done, I wanted to try something like that with this ornament.

I'm very pleased with the outcome! I am working on yet, another ornament. This one will be stitched in some bright (turquoise, hot pink, purple) colors - very non-traditional Christmas - but fun! Stay tuned........

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ornies and Finishing - Oh My!

Happy Friday Peeps! Just thought I would pop in this morning and wish everyone a happy weekend. Nothing big planned here. Hope to go see Shrek Forever After and just piddle around the house. Sounds like a plan!

I also wanted to share two finishes with you. Do you remember the snowman ornament that I stitched AND finished only to discover, I forgot to stitch part of the snowman? Well, he has been replaced with a new and improved ornament. I had to use a different ribbon this time and I also decided to not attach the bow. It seemed to distract a little.

Next up is an ornament that I stitched from the pattern, Bethlehem by Diane Arthurs (Imaginating). I just stitched the nativity portion of the pattern to use as an ornament. The photo doesn't show the opalescent linen that I used but it's really sparkly in person. Used DMC 823 and finished with fabric and felt.

Currently working on another ornament and hope to show pictures soon. All I will say is this one is way out of my comfort zone and the finishing will be a new challenge! tee hee!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Finish and a FINISH! - NOT!

another edit to add....Does anyone know how to do this type of finishing with beads added to the seams? I would love to get instructions if you have them. Thanks!

photo courtesy of the Freebie Gallery

edited to add.....OMG! I just realized that I made a boo boo! I didn't finish stitching the snowman. I looked at him again and realized he's a little lop-sided. I forgot to stitch the section over on the right past his scarf -arrrrggg. Well, at least I have time to stitch this one again and the finishing was not hard at all. Lesson learned - don't stitch while you're watching your favorite TV show!

That's right, gang! I not only stitched another ornament, I finished it! Two in one month and it's not Christmas Eve! It's amazing!

This is a Prairie Schooler freebie from 2009 (I think) that I finished into a flat felt ornament, basically following the instructions from Vonna - the Twisted Stitcher.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! - (long post)

Today has been a great day! I got surprised this morning with flowers and a home-made card, we went to Red Lobster for lunch and I got in a nice nap. The perfect day! I am so blessed to have Corbin as my son. He's growing up to be a responsible and respectful young man. He's my child but he's also my buddy!

Here's the flowers I got. Don't know how he did it since he was home alone yesterday. I can't help but wonder if he walked the 3 miles one way to the nearest store to get these in the heat of the day....

I also have to share a finish.....not only did I stitch this ornie, I finished it into an ornie! That's remarkable for me and it's only May - whoo hoo!

I also want to share some photos from First Friday in our town. Corbin's high school band played for a couple of hours and did another amazing job.