Monday, February 28, 2011

Fripp and Friends / Part 2

Everyone is still a-buzz from the Fripp trip! We had so much fun laughing, playing games and pranks - but - we DID stitch too! Today, I thought I would share 2 projects I worked on while I was there.
The first project is Blackbird Designs Pumpkin Farm. I started this right before we left and had it finished in no time at all. I love it! The colors are just so pretty and it will be the perfect addition to my mantle this fall.
The next project will be on-going for this year and it is Lizzie Kate's new Halloween Rules. I was a little worried about stitching this piece because the fabric the pattern calls for is more than a little stiff, to say the least! I really, really do hate stiff fabric. But, the color is so different from anything I have so I just bit the bullet and started. I have to admit, I'm not having much trouble and it IS a fun piece to work on. I'm not quite finished with the haunted house but you get the idea.
With today being the last day of February, I must confess, I did not finish Paradise Lost on time. I had set a goal to finish by today and it just didn't happen. I brought it to Fripp with me but I just didn't want to work on such a big project. I WILL finish it and maybe after I stitch a couple of small projects, I'll be ready for some more power stitching on it again.

Until we chat again......

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fripp and Friends

I just got back today from my annual trip to Fripp Island. I got to spend 4 great stitch-filled days with my bestest girlfriends. This is a trip we all look so forward to each year but of course, it goes by entirely too fast. We spent our days stitching, laughing, eating and telling some of the most hilarious stories - what is discussed in Fripp - stays in Fripp!! LOL! Here's just a little peek into our getaway....

Here's Delisa trying out her new stitching stand. She had this thing totally "tricked out"! I swear, you needed a seat belt to use it - LOL!
The wise House Mom - the one that tries her best to keep us girls in line!
Zee showing us one of her treats from her Secret Sister stash
Theresa happy knowing that coffee makes you do crazy things with enthusiasm faster
Of course, it doesn't take long before someone gets a little nutty
I guess that is only expected after you stitch this - on black!
This one....can't explain. I guess the photo says it all! LOL!
We had a FABULOUS time and can't wait to do it all again next year. Until then.... L to R - Delisa, Charlsie, Theresa, Yvonne (me), Zee, Kathy and Lorrie

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Me Again!

Ha Ha! Two posts two days in a row - whoo hoo!!

Last night, I just couldn't get myself in the mood to stitch on Paradise Lost. So, instead of just sitting around, I decided to just go ahead and start something new. It had to be small, it had to be something that I really wanted to stitch this year and it had to be something that I would not only start but here it is - Blackbird Designs Pumpkin Farm. I am loving this pattern! The colors are so yummy and it's the perfect size. Just a little project to give me a fresh stitching charge! Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart series "Pumpkin Farm" stitched with charted threads on 32 ct. Belfast Natural Linen (tea-dyed)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy February 2011

Bye Bye Snow and Ice - Bring on my Spring Time!

Long Time, No See! I know, you probably have wondered if I was gone forever. No, I'm here. It's just not easy getting this blog updated with everything else life throws in the mix.....the new year started off great. Had a little snow and then a little more and then I got a terrible stomach virus that landed me in ICU and the hospital for two days. I am finally feeling like myself again and getting back into a routine. And, that routine has to include some stitching......

Paradise Lost by Plum Street Samplers is not finished and I have to get it finished and on the wall soon. I finally got beyond "those" leaves and stitching it has become a little more enjoyable now. I noticed that my friend Nicole has finished hers and that is inspiring me to keep at it!

Here are some updated photos taken a little over a week ago.....(excuse the wrinkles -too busy stitching to iron - tee hee)

and this photo shows some of my progress since the photos pictured above. I'm working on this big tree (with leaves!).....

My goal is to have this piece completely finished by the end of the month. I don't think I will do it but that's ok.....soon, very soon!

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again soon - and that means sooner than a couple of months - LOL!