Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today will be very busy at work so I wanted to go ahead and wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. Enjoy the day and reflect on your many blessings. Do something fun - you desire it!!

Until next time....... Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Movie Update

We went yesterday to see Twilight and it was a good movie. I thought the story was told as well as could be expected in the 2 hours. However, so much emotion from the characters was missing. The book gives you thought and really plays with your senses, something the movie just couldn't do. DH had not read the book before but is now reading it after seeing the movie. DS did not care for the movie at all because of the "love story". LOL. The movie ended a little different from the book but I believe it was necessary in order to leave it open for another movie. It is my understanding the scripts for book two and three have already been written and will be made into movies IF this movie makes enough money. My suggestion, read the book!! The book is truly entertaining and is written in a way that really draws you into the scenes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Edward and Bella

Today's the day!! The day I have been waiting for - the day to see the love story of Edward and Bella on the big screen. From the reports this morning in regards to the midnight showing, it is a MUST see! Can't Wait, Can't Wait, Can't Wait! LOL!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's fall here in the south and one of my favorite fall activities is to look at the changing of the leaves. It is so spectacular! I just wish they would stay on the trees a little longer.

My good friend Kathy and I headed out Saturday to Rock Hill, SC to a bead show. OMG! This was nice! To touch on jade, amethest, onyx, tiger's eye - it was heavenly. I like to run my fingers through all these beads and just feel them. Now, of course, some of these beads were VERY expensive so I did not dare to even touch - LOL! This was a small show, held in a conference center, but it was nice in that it wasn't crowded and you could really interact with the vendors. I did come home with a nice assortment of beads, rocks and pendants so maybe during the holiday breaks, I can get some necklaces/bracelets made. Poor Kathy, she had mentioned before we left that she might need to take a rolling tote. I laughed thinking "how could she buy so many beads that it would be so heavy she wouldn't be able to carry them". Well, let's just say, she did and she'll bring a rolling tote next year - LOL!

After we spent 3 1/2 hours at the bead show, we headed to the Stitch and Frame Shop. This is a cute little cross stitch shop in Rock Hill. I haven't visited this shop in several years but it was filled to the brim with shop models and lots of goodies. I came home with La D Da's Mocking Bird piece, all kitted up. This was only because of the shop model - they are my weakness. So, this will be my next project which I might get a chance to start on this week.

Have a great rest of the weekend. More to come later......

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Secret Sister Finish

Our church draws names each fall for a Secret Sister. We pray for and give little gifts to that person up until the big reveal in November. This is the last gift that I will be giving my Secret Sister. She loves the book of Psalms and it's something I know she will truly cherish. I did not put my initials on the piece but rather S.S. for Secret Sister. After I frame it, I will sign the back of it then. This design is by Little House Needleworks and is called "Psalm 145". I did change up the colors just a bit since I used DMC instead of Crescent Colors floss. Thanks for letting me share!

Monday, November 3, 2008

52 Days Until......

you guessed it - Christmas!! Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching so that can only mean Christmas is right around the corner. The Christmas season is always so busy and my wish every year is to be able to sit back and actually enjoy the season. I want to savor the sights, sounds and smells! I want to capture the moments and lock them in my memory forever. I think I have found a way to do just that......

Ali Edwards, a well-known scrapbook artist and contributor to Creating Keepsakes magazine, has posted on her blog the directions and inspiration for a "25 Days of Christmas" type album. The idea is to put together a simple mini book so that when the holidays are here, all you need to do is insert your photos and journaling. It's about documenting the little things. The things that make the season special to you. This seems like a reasonable challenge. One that I am seriously considering. Want to join me?