Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updated Photo

It's been a couple of years now and I decided I best go ahead and update my profile picture (see me over there on the right!). I have been letting my hair grow long and it has now been two years since I started. As you can see, it doesn't grow fast at all! My bangs are finally long enough where I can pull them back into a pony tail. Amazing!! LOL!

I have been stitching a little this week. I hope to have an updated Quaker Diamonds picture posted here soon. I want to get the diamond I'm working on now finished before I show it to you.

Have a great week gang! Stay warm - yes, it's a little chilly here in the south this week. One week we are running the air conditioner and the next, the heat is back on. Crazy weather but I guess I won't complain because I know the unbearable heat is in the near future.


Karen said...

Looking good Ivanka!

Karen said...

love the hair!! can't wait to see you in June! :) sending you some of our AZ heat we are getting. please send some coolness. :)

Berit said...

Loving your QD conversion--so pretty! I'm stitching mine as recommended and I hear you on the colour changes! I have a nagging urge to set it aside and re-start on 40 ct!

Adorable kitties--they look youthful and well-loved. :)