Friday, May 21, 2010

Ornies and Finishing - Oh My!

Happy Friday Peeps! Just thought I would pop in this morning and wish everyone a happy weekend. Nothing big planned here. Hope to go see Shrek Forever After and just piddle around the house. Sounds like a plan!

I also wanted to share two finishes with you. Do you remember the snowman ornament that I stitched AND finished only to discover, I forgot to stitch part of the snowman? Well, he has been replaced with a new and improved ornament. I had to use a different ribbon this time and I also decided to not attach the bow. It seemed to distract a little.

Next up is an ornament that I stitched from the pattern, Bethlehem by Diane Arthurs (Imaginating). I just stitched the nativity portion of the pattern to use as an ornament. The photo doesn't show the opalescent linen that I used but it's really sparkly in person. Used DMC 823 and finished with fabric and felt.

Currently working on another ornament and hope to show pictures soon. All I will say is this one is way out of my comfort zone and the finishing will be a new challenge! tee hee!

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Carolyn NC said...

Both look so cute - great job finishing!