Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Finish and a FINISH! - NOT!

another edit to add....Does anyone know how to do this type of finishing with beads added to the seams? I would love to get instructions if you have them. Thanks!

photo courtesy of the Freebie Gallery

edited to add.....OMG! I just realized that I made a boo boo! I didn't finish stitching the snowman. I looked at him again and realized he's a little lop-sided. I forgot to stitch the section over on the right past his scarf -arrrrggg. Well, at least I have time to stitch this one again and the finishing was not hard at all. Lesson learned - don't stitch while you're watching your favorite TV show!

That's right, gang! I not only stitched another ornament, I finished it! Two in one month and it's not Christmas Eve! It's amazing!

This is a Prairie Schooler freebie from 2009 (I think) that I finished into a flat felt ornament, basically following the instructions from Vonna - the Twisted Stitcher.



Carolyn NC said...

They both look great - the snowman looks fine - I'd never have noticed at all!

Judy said...

Both ornaments turned out so cute - you did a great job in finishing. For the beaded edge, there is two different ways to do it. The one I prefer is, as you join the sides together pick up a bead for every other stitch. This method makes sure the beads are evenly spaced. The other is to go back after the sides are joined and then add the beads. Don't know if I have any printed instructions, but if I come across some I will get them to you.

Cathy B said...

Yvonne - Joan shared with me that you would be at the Silver Needle Blackbird retreat. Had to check out your blog. Looking forward to meeting you!