Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recent Finishes

I thought I would go ahead and share some recent finishes with you. I am so happy with these two pieces. I am also happy to report they are also framed! Not sitting in a plastic tote under my bed, like so many other xstitch pieces I've done in the past.

The first one is Blackbird Designs "Their Song". The colors are so nice and it is a wonderful addition to my recently re-decorated kitchen.

This one is La D Da's "Five Fine Roosters". It is stitched completely different (color wise) from the way it is charted, thanks to Abecedarius in Marietta, GA. This shop was kind enough to give me their conversions so the rest is history! This piece is also framed and is hanging in the kitchen along with the blackbirds. What's the saying....."birds of a feather stick together".

Hope you enjoyed!


Amy said...

Oh pretty, love the Blackbird finish!!! You need to share pics of your kitchen, bet it lovely! :-)

Lisa said...

Great job gal! I love the Roosters! Whatever happened to that pattern??? LOL

Polly said...

I love them. They look great. Where did you get the pattern???? LOL

Cathy said...

These are GORGEOUS!! You're inspiring me to pull my stitchin' stuff out again! I probably have just as much invested in that as sb'ing!