Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is one of my bestest friends birthday! We had a fabulous time yesterday helping her celebrate. She's past middle age but young enough to enjoy the torture that is given by the staff at the mexican restaurant. Little did she (and us!) know that wearing your dessert is just as much fun as eating it. Happy Birthday Lisa

Here's some pictures of the day-long celebration:

L to R: Sandy, Lisa, Jody, Polly and Me
This picture was taken at one of the local Sandwich Shops - also called The Sandwich Shop - in Lisa's home town. Fabulous food! I highly recommend and would love to go back. The restaurant is renovated inside an old bank building. We are pictured here outside of the bank vault.

Ruebens, Philly Cheese Steaks, BLTs, Oh My!

Yes, we do try and get in a couple of stitches during our visit! We were joined by another friend of Lisa's, Amy.

Even I have my stitching moments!

I had a great time visiting with these great friends. The day went by entirely too quickly. We do need to try and get together more often. Hugs to everyone and remember - Taco Mama is always here for ya!!

UPDATE: Just so you know - I now have bangs again. Nothing like taking a pair of scissors and whacking away. No lil' girl hair bows for me!

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Polly said...

Check out those bangs. I will miss the little girl hair bows.