Monday, November 23, 2009

Visions of Sugar Plums....

DH, DS and I visited our town's Natural History Museum if for no other reason than to see the gingerbread exhibit. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed in that I thought there would be lots more. Our town has some very well known chefs and for them not to exhibit was a let down. BUT....there were some great exhibits. My chef hat is off to those who baked and created!!

First off, a wonderful surprise to see DS' high school made up into a confection! His school celebrated it's 225th anniversary last year. This school was originally a military academy after the civil war and was chartered in 1783. It is the 3rd oldest existing public school in the US and the oldest in the south. President George Washington attended the graduation ceremonies in 1791.

Next up are pictures of the tied First Place winners. They were outstanding. The imagination and design was so there!
The first couple of pictures are of our town's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. This gingerbread church was awesome. So much detail!

And last but not least was a great display of a city street showing First National Bank of Waynesboro, a little town south of here. This "house" gave you peek inside! Too cute!!

Hope you are getting into the holiday spirit. It's approaching so fast!

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RuthB said...

Wow, Yvonne. Those are so cool. :)