Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Movie Update

We went yesterday to see Twilight and it was a good movie. I thought the story was told as well as could be expected in the 2 hours. However, so much emotion from the characters was missing. The book gives you thought and really plays with your senses, something the movie just couldn't do. DH had not read the book before but is now reading it after seeing the movie. DS did not care for the movie at all because of the "love story". LOL. The movie ended a little different from the book but I believe it was necessary in order to leave it open for another movie. It is my understanding the scripts for book two and three have already been written and will be made into movies IF this movie makes enough money. My suggestion, read the book!! The book is truly entertaining and is written in a way that really draws you into the scenes.

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Cathy... said...

We're waiting for this to hit DVD. Didn't want to fight the teens for seats! Jeff read it and liked it but not as much as I did!