Sunday, October 12, 2008


I just love Halloween! It's the one holiday that you can be scary, funny, spooky and tacky and it's perfectly fine! No pressure to be perfect. Just have fun! Halloween is on a Friday this year so that makes it even better. Kids can go out and trick or treat and not have to worry about getting up early the next day for school. I love passing out candy and decorating for the night. This year we are going with a pumpkin patch theme. Lots of carving to do but it's fun and DH and DS get to use their artistic skills and get their spook on! LOL. Thought I would share our first pumpkin creation and my Halloween treat for the spooks that will come knocking. I made Mummy Gum - strips of cardstock inked up to give those creatures a dirty, rotten appearance, wrapped around packs of gum complete with goggle eyes. Hopefully, our spooky pumpkin cat will guard these treats until the 31st!


Cathy said...

Oh,those little mummies are TOO stinkin' cute!! I need to get a costume and come over your way to trick-or-treat! Love the jack-o-lantern too!

Shelleen said...

Those mummies are so cute!! Great cat pumpkin. Halloween is also my favorite since I was alittle kid.